Zirconia is our most popular material choice. With a flexural strength of 1000-1200 MPA, it is one of our strongest materials, but at the same time offers great esthetics.

Our standard zirconia will provide consistent results and will fulfill your restorative needs in almost every circumstance. For optimal strength we highly suggest providing at least 1mm of clearance between the prep and the opposing.

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HT Zirconia (High translucency)
High Translucency zirconia differs from standard high strength zirconia in that it is more aesthetic in terms of translucency. The translucency mimics that of e.max and creates a more life like restoration.

Because of this, the strength of HT zirconia is 650-800 MPA. The material is still almost twice the strength of e.max and can be used anywhere in the mouth. It is even rated to do up to a three-unit bridge in the anterior. 1mm of clearance is recommended between the prep and the opposing for optimal strength.

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PFZ (Porcelain Fused to Zirconia)
This is our most aesthetic material. A perfect combination of strength and aesthetics. Each crown is hand stacked by one of our technicians, custom for your patient.

From contour, value, and chroma, each aspect of the patient’s natural dentition can be mimicked with a PFZ. With a substructure of standard high strength zirconia, this restoration can be used for a full arch down to a single. It is ideal to have 1.5mm of clearance for optimal restoration.

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Comparable in aesthetics to HT Zirconia, e.max is a good option for patients with more translucency. Unlike HT zirconia however, it is about half of the strength and it is not rated for bridges.

The benefit of e.max is that it is bondable, therefore ideal for veneers. For optimal strength we suggest 2mm of clearance.

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PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal)
The classic PFM has proven itself through the decades. Of the many materials that have come and gone, the PFM is still around today.

Although not as popular as zirconia, it is a great option when insurance calls for it. It is also a good option if you need more strength but still want an aesthetic option. PFMs can be manufactured with non-precious, semi-precious, and noble metal.

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Full Metal/Gold
The strongest material choice of them all, full metal crowns have also survived through the decades and are still used today when circumstances call for it. The downside of the material is that you cannot mimic natural dentition. However, if that’s not a priority then it is a great option.

Of all the materials it requires the least amount of clearance. Full metal crowns can also be manufactured with non-precious, semi-precious, and noble metal.

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PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate)
Rated as a temporary material, PMMA works well in case that you need the lab to make your temps. It also can double as a diagnostic material as well.

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