Each abutment package includes the abutment, screw, crown, soft tissue, and stone model.

How to Choose An Abutment Package

Step 1: Choose Authentic or 3rd Party Parts

Authentic Abutments
Authentic abutments are simply abutment that are manufactured by the same company that manufacture the implant.

3rd Party Abutments
3rd Party abutments are simply abutments that are manufactured by a different company that manufactured the implant. These abutments still use the same platform and interface.

Step 2: Choose a Custom or Stock Abutment

Stock Abutments
Stock abutments are not custom manufactured specifically for a patient, however in most cases a stock abutment is acceptable. Of the different stock abutments, you can choose whether you would like authentic parts or 3rd party parts. Stock abutments can be made as cementable, screw-retained, or screw-mentable crown packages.

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Custom/Patient Specific Abutment
Unlike the stock abutment, a patient specific abutment is designed specifically to the patient. We take in account the angulation, emergence profile, height, and diameter of the abutment. Although not always necessary, patient specific abutments are usually the best option. The abutments can be authentic or 3rd party. Custom abutments can be made as cementable, screw-retained, or screw-mentable crown packages.

Material Options for Custom Abutments Include:

  • Titanium - Full Titanium abutment.
  • Zirconium - Full Zirconium abutment.
  • Hybrid - A Hybrid abutment is a two-part abutment with a titanium base and a zirconia abutment that are cemented together forming one unit. It is a combination of a custom abutment with a stock ti-base.


Custom Abutment in Fort Worth


Custom Abutment in Fort Worth


Custom Abutment Fort Worth

Step 3: Choose Cementable, Screw-retained or Screw-mentable

Cementable Abutment
This package is made with the intention for the Dentist to cement the crown chairside. There is no screw access hole provided in the occlusion of the crown.

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This package is made so the Dentist does not have to cement the crown chairside. The abutment and the crown are cemented in the lab to form one unit. The crown will have a screw access hole so you can screw the unit into the implant. In this case you must fill the whole with composite chairside.

Fort Worth Digital Dental Laboratory

This package is made with the intention for the Dentist to cement the crown onto the abutment chairside just like the cementable package. The difference is, in this case we will provide a screw access hole in the crown so that if you ever need to remove the abutment in the future you won’t have to cut off the crown to access the screw.

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Abutment Packages:

  • Hybrid Abutment Package
  • Standard Abutment Package (3rd party abutment package)
  • Straumann Abutment Package
  • Nobel Replace (Trilobe) Abutment Package
  • Nobel Active Abutment Package
  • Biomet Abutment Package
  • MegaGen Abutment Package
  • Hiossen Abutment Package
  • BioHorizon Abutment Package
  • Thommen VARIO Abutment Package

Custom Abutments:

  • DESS Custom Abutment Package
  • Straumann Custom Abutment Package
  • Nobel Custom Abutment Package
  • Atlantis Titanium Abutment Package
  • Atlantis Gold-Shaded Abutment Package
  • BioHorizon Custom Abutment Package

* We work with almost all implant companies. If you don’t see the implant company that you need, please call us and we’ll be happy to serve you.


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